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^ Frozen Elves ftw ^

With that, i am done, all that’s left now is the batch. Fresh encodes that get rid of any banding and enhance some details will be done for the batch. When the batch is due… no idea, got K blu rays to do as well as Space Battleship Yamato blu rays, + a few others.

Any mistakes you noticed, please leave a comment about it, thanks to LucaCrosszeria, for informing me  about a couple of errors. The name for ‘Guy’ shall be changed to ‘Gai’ as this is the correct spelling as well as changing ‘Eos’ to ‘Eros’ these are both the official terms.

Thanks to Tachigami for letting me use their seedbox again, such a generous person 🙂

Ai No Kusabi Retino OVA 4

720p 8 bit –

720p 10bit –