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nourin V1Hey guys, firstly an apology, i made some promises a little while back about projects and unfortunately i have yet to get them going, this is mainly due to university applications and studying for tests. Anyway good news about that, I’ve been giving 3 offers from 3 different universities to study Computer Science, and i’m waiting to hear from 2 other universities for their decision (hopefully it will be favourable).

So that about sums up why there have been so many delays, thankfully i no longer have to worry about university applications, i just need to focus on getting the required grades which is simple enough, so i have a lot more free time, hence why i can resume all my projects.

Firstly I’m going to pick up Nourin this season, It’ll be a funi edit with TLC. I’ll be using the BS11 broadcast as MX sucks and so does funimation, this will lead to a delay as BS11 airs Tuesday 00:30am Japan time.

For those of you who are interested, here is a comparison with the 2 groups who have released it.

ChihiroDesoYo Vs Nubles –

m.3.3.w Vs Nubles –

Secondly I shall finish each BD project at a time I’ll start with K Project as i have all 7 BDMVs, and will move forward from there.

Again apologies for not updating you guys much, Yamato V2s will be a separate project alongside all others.

If any of you would like to help out with  things such as Typesetting, Timing, Quality Checking etc. contact me via IRC in #nubles.

Hope you all had a great New Year.