Sorry about the extended absence


Hey guys, firstly apologies for the extended absence, lots of stuff has happened, so I’ve had no time for encoding etc.

I’ve been keeping up to date and reading all your comments, and i can see the majority of you want Yamato finished, so that’s the only project i will work on for now, like i promised to a while ago 😛 (other projects will follow after)

I start university in September, I’ll be studying Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, while this will obviously take up a lot of my time, i’m confident that i can push out releases. It’ll take a little time to get everything going, so once i’m ready i’ll update you guys, and hopefully we can see some releases in the near future.

As always i appreciate all the supportive comments you guys have left me, and hope to be back to some sort of schedule soon.

If you have any questions please leave a comment and i’ll reply ASAP.

U2 invites are postponed for now, need to gain more Ucoins to invite people, so i’ll be working on building that up over the coming weeks/months.

  1. faith said:

    Awesome congrats on getting into uni!
    I’m looking forward to the final four Yamato episodes!

    • nubles said:

      Thank you 🙂

      Will work on re-doing ep 1 onwards, that way i won’t need to V3 the final eps as they are already done in 720p.

  2. sui-avelin said:

    no worries. i always look forward to your releases. you did great work on yamato

    • nubles said:

      Thanks, but Yamato needs serious improvements, especially the first 10 or so episodes, not exactly sure what i was thinking back then lol.

  3. Aradi said:

    What A fine major to go into I hope that you’ll invent some thing that will put your name up high and
    help humanity advance further

    in any case I am waiting on the bluray releases that nobody else picked up other than you
    hopefully you can release them in time while you keep up with your studies

    • nubles said:

      Thank you for the kind words 🙂

      I have lots of plans for projects, but unfortunately lack the man power at the moment, so i’ll tackle projects 1 at a time for now.

  4. Silver said:

    Congrats and I hope your enjoying your studies.
    I had a question regarding Gj-Bu since one of the episodes had a part missing > reference to volume 3 episode 7. Any ETA on when it will be fixed in the batch? or rather any idea when the batch itself will be released?

    Thanks. ^_^

    • nubles said:

      Thank you, and in regards to Gj-Bu, i’m aware of a few problems with the missing bits, at the time my hard drive was dying (didn’t realise at the time). The scripts need updating to the batch release, however It will most likely be done after Yamato, if everything goes to plan. As for a release date, honestly until i get back up and running, i don’t know how fast or slow things will move, so for now i can only ask for your patience while we get everything sorted out.

  5. Anyien said:

    Good to see you back again nubles 🙂

    Have you looked at the BD release of Macross released in 2012? I have tried to find it translated and even RAW before, without any luck so far 😦

    And i hope that the translations don´t take away too much of your free time, it´s important to go outside and enjoy yourself now and then too 🙂

  6. H_B said:

    Is Machine-doll still on backlog (ie still not dropped)?

    • nubles said:

      If i do resume Machine Doll, it will be after i get the main projects out. So until i have a better idea of how much time i have to put into each project, that will determine whether i think it’s viable to actually do it. So for now it’s a maybe.

  7. ChocoLate said:

    Patiently awaiting Yamato in 1080p! Thanks so much for your work!

  8. Shadow said:

    Hello. I realize you’re busy and plan on doing Yamato first, but I hope you don’t mind my asking about a 1080p release for Ai no Kusabi? I understand you’re busy and don’t expect anything right away. I just wanted to try asking since I’ve been looking every where for either the bdmv or a 1080p version done well.

    Thanks for hearing me out.

    • nubles said:

      Heya, firstly good news is i never deleted the BDMV for Kusabi so i have all 4 eps, however i’m pretty sure it’s not worth 1080p as it is an interlaced source, however i do plan on redoing the 720ps so i hope that will suffice.

  9. Hope everything is going okay on your end with college starting, and looking forward to see the last of the Yamato.
    Thumbs up for you. take your time.

    • nubles said:

      Heya, i actually leave for university on Saturday 20th sept, been getting everything together for it etc, so i have had no time to start Yamato yet, however once i am settled i’ll be getting started. Thanks for your understanding and patience 🙂

  10. It has been a year now and am curious on the status of yamato since you was almost done. ANd truth be told I am looking forward seeing hte series complete. Hoe all is well

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