Monthly Archives: August 2014


Hey guys, firstly apologies for the extended absence, lots of stuff has happened, so I’ve had no time for encoding etc.

I’ve been keeping up to date and reading all your comments, and i can see the majority of you want Yamato finished, so that’s the only project i will work on for now, like i promised to a while ago 😛 (other projects will follow after)

I start university in September, I’ll be studying Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, while this will obviously take up a lot of my time, i’m confident that i can push out releases. It’ll take a little time to get everything going, so once i’m ready i’ll update you guys, and hopefully we can see some releases in the near future.

As always i appreciate all the supportive comments you guys have left me, and hope to be back to some sort of schedule soon.

If you have any questions please leave a comment and i’ll reply ASAP.

U2 invites are postponed for now, need to gain more Ucoins to invite people, so i’ll be working on building that up over the coming weeks/months.