Mahou Sensei Negima! – ANIME FINAL (Blu Ray)

Negima movie 10 bit 1080p K.mkv_snapshot_00.15_[2014.02.07_18.01.21]

Mahou Sensei Negima! – ANIME FINAL [BD 720p 10bit AAC] – Torrent | DDL

Mahou Sensei Negima! – ANIME FINAL [BD 1080p 10bit TrueHD] – Torrent | DDL 

This uses UTW’s subs + a little bit of Commie’s Tsing where UTW missed some signs.

So it’s about time i released something, this has been on and off for months lol, thankfully hybrid21 was kind enough to shift and fix some of the Ts’ing for this release, so major thanks to him.

Hopefully we can get Nourin on track

[00:44:37] <unceshashm> oh yeah
[00:44:44] <unceshashm> remind me to shift nourin
[00:44:45] <unceshashm> ;__;

And all other projects are currently at Scripting.

This is what K will look like –

  1. doki said:

    Is there a “bluray” for Negima series, if there are you going to do a series Negima Bluray?

    Thank you for the movie: D

    • nubles said:

      None of the seasons have had blu ray releases, however all the OVAs have a blu ray release, so i will see if they are worth doing.

      • Darth Arrow said:

        It would be much appreciated if you’d bother doing Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba and Mou Hitotsu no Sekai blu-rays, as no-one else seems to bother with them. There’re German and French rips floating around, but for some reason no-one’s stepped on to do a blu-ray rip with English subs. I did a little digging and managed to find AQS’s DVD-rips of Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, so if you get interested and have hard time finding their subs, you can contact me! 🙂

      • erejnion said:

        They are. There still isn’t a good release, it’d be great if somebody does something consistent between Ala Alba and Mou Hitotsu no Sekai on the BDs. DmonHiro had such intentions, but afaik he hasn’t done anything on them yet.

        Besides, fuck, I wanted to forget that this film existed. Do them OVAs.

  2. DeathTheKid said:

    Can anyone post comparisons between AnimeNow’s and Nubles’ (when he release vol. 1) releases of K?

    • nubles said:

      There’s really no point until i release the new encodes, as they will be substantially different than the V1s.

  3. Fujiri said:

    You have quite a backlog with Cyborg and Yamato yet you work on another thing, that’s kind of sad. T_T

    • nubles said:

      That may be so, but unfortunately both of those are still in the scripting process, so there is nothing i can do until they have been fine tuned.

      Apologies for the delays.

  4. cingsx10a said:

    How do you feel about nks doing gundam age? You should reach out to him on helping you get your version done.

    • nubles said:

      Well i will probably do my own separate releases of it when i have time, as i am pretty sure he is using Zero-raws for the video source, which isn’t very good.

      • nksx said:

        Give me the encodes and i’ll work with your encodes i’ve offered it before with no response…even after you posted you needed help with it. Zero raws is my source but it’s better than nothing…

      • nubles said:

        never saw the reply :S

        Also i wasn’t trying to offend you, apologies if it was interpreted that way.

      • cingsx10a said:

        zero’s-raws is good nubles ive seen the release and its very good quality, yours is only slightly better for 700mb bigger its not worth it plus your very very VERY slow no offense aniki! just work with nks you guys can make a great releases

      • nubles said:

        the plan is to rework the encoding scripts, as the originals imo weren’t the best, but i need to catch up with other projects before i start age. Age is currently at #4 for prority

      • nksx said:

        As always let me know if you need a hand, subbers need to have eachothers backs.

  5. Katsu said:

    gonna do a batch release?

    • nubles said:

      All projects will eventually receive batch releases, it’s finding the time to go through them all and fix all mistakes no matter how minor they may be.

  6. H_B said:

    Hey, nubles, Machine-doll is still on backlog (ie still not dropped)?

  7. Solo said:

    I declare this blog for dead.

    • cingsx10a said:

      He’s always been dead, nubles is fucking horrible at getting projects out. Jesus christ nubles…just announce the closing of your shitty ass site and change to encoding only, because thats the only thing your good at you piece of trash.

      • Lance said:

        Don’t be just a retard, bitch. The guy may be inactive but he’s a student, remember?

        If you can’t even fucking appreciated a work from others that let you enjoyed anime, then shut fucking killed yourself, cunt. What the fuck did you do that could matched to Numbles’s greatness? Oh, let me guess, nothing? Just shut up and rot.

      • Solo said:

        Oh, look, the internet white knight Sir Lance (a lot on Nubles lance) has arrived. Let’s clap for his attempt to hide Nuble’s incompetency with his insults.

  8. Goose said:


    So, yeah: About that update?

  9. GreenHornet said:

    RIP nubles…

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