1. Aizen said:

    Will there be a 480p release for this series?

    • nubles said:

      I can encode one, if you require it.

  2. Aizen said:

    If its possible that would be excellent

    • nubles said:

      OK, when it airs on BS11(This Friday), i’ll encode a 480p.

  3. Shin-kun said:

    is this the same as FFF?. British english with no honorifics? if not i will grab your releases from now on 🙂

    • Shin-kun said:

      I hope you’ll finished this show

  4. Yamato 2199 where? Wikipedia says it finished airing in September.

  5. Anon said:

    Next batch of Gargantia when? I can’t wait for pettit episodes.

    • nubles said:

      I’ve had gargantia boxset for just over 2 weeks now, I have yet to release the entire first volume, but i should hope to release soon, as it will be a joint with C.U.T.E.

  6. kungfull said:

    Please, please finish Yamato 2199. The RAWs are out there. I can’t wait to see how it ends so do your best. Pretty please with a sugar on top 🙂

  7. I’m still waiting for ep 2 of Machine Doll…I really prefer your subs over the others… n..n

    • nubles said:

      Sorry about the delay; but the Translators keyboard broke this week, so it’s slightly delayed. Hopefully the keyboard he’s ordered will arrive soon, and we can resume with the original TL. Otherwise i may need to resort to funi edits, something i don’t particularly want to do.

      Thanks for sticking with us 🙂


      • Some Guy said:

        Haha, such a trivial matter. Even Unbreakable Machine-Doll Ep 03 is out now. Plz do the eps soon. Looking forward to ur release.

      • nubles said:

        The tler gets his new keyboard tomorrow, so we can hopefully be caught up before ep 4 airs.

  8. 1xx7 said:


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