Suisei no Gargantia Episode 14 OVA

gargantia OVA release pic AVSP 13605

Hey Guy’s this has been ready for like a week, but I’ve just gotten back to College, so things were a little busy.

This uses the official subs on the disc modified, as well as UTW’s opening and ending, and also Styling.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 14 OVA [BD 1080p 10bit FLAC] – Torrent | DDL

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 14 OVA [BD 720p 10bit AAC] – Torrent | DDL

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 14 OVA [BD 720p Hi444pp AAC] – Torrent | DDL

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 14 OVA [BD 480p 8bit AAC] – Torrent | DDL

P.S. XDCC is down, no idea when it’ll be back up, bug C0Rt3X on IRC for it 😛


  1. starsha said:

    thank you so much. have you got a chance to watch gargantia again? if so, are the improvements noticeable?

    • nubles said:

      I haven’t yet, but when i start the blu ray encoding, which will probaly require scene filtering for this series, i can take a closer look.

      But the op has had some small changes, such as facial features.

  2. [TRVE] said:

    The DDL button gives me a 0 KB file. Tried it with Firefox and Opera, tried clearing the cache, tried restarting the comp, still the same result.

    • nubles said:

      Sorry about that, not sure what happened, anyway link is fixed now, so it should be fine to DL.

  3. FlameHaze said:

    Thanks for releasing this! Will ya’ll be releasing the second ova when it comes out as well?

    • nubles said:

      Yep, and also the entire series on BD + scans etc.

  4. Anonym said:

    thanks 🙂

  5. dk08 said:

    damn thx u so much for gargantia ^^ i love this anime ; )

  6. I wonder who does the translation for these official subs? Is it the production studio itself or someone else?

  7. Annoymous said:

    Hmm. Where did my previous comment go to?

  8. C43 said:

    Just making sure, but you still do plan on subbing the newer Yamato episodes that are being aired on TV, right?

  9. anoan said:

    Will release 8bit 720p of this OVA?

    • nubles said:

      Already encoded, i may of gone overboard but… i encoded 1080p 10bit, 8bit/10bit/hi444p 720p and 8 it 480p. so there is quite a range 😛 it’s at QC atm but due to time zones it’s difficult to get ahold of them.

      • anoan said:

        Thank you

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