Gargantia BD Boxset 1 & Henneko BD Vol 1

gargantia 2gargantia 1Henneko 1

  1. starsha said:

    The Gargantia boxset is beautiful. does it have the OVA? i’m very sad no one has subbed it yet.

    • nubles said:

      OVA is already subbed on the disc, I’ll be releasing it in a day or so.

      • starsha said:

        thank you!

      • starsha said:

        also, have you watched the boxset version yet? they said that some episodes 5 & later would have improved quality from the broadcast version. is it noticeable?

  2. SB said:

    Awesome I can’t wait for Gargantia.

  3. Ivy said:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Really loved Gargantia and Henneko so much and the blu-rays are finally out! Cant wait the see the improvements.

  4. 1xx7 said:


    Is this the promo bd or the real bd though?

    • nubles said:

      It’s the real BD, as it comes with 4 episodes + the OVA + lots of physical extras, which i will get around to scanning eventually lol.

      OVA is stalled @ QC atm, as qcer is a little busy.

      • 1xx7 said:

        I can’t wait for 1-4 and the ova…I love you nubles…<3

  5. tirthasg said:

    Does that mean we are getting Gargantia and Henneko release pretty soon?

    • nubles said:

      Hopefully, yes. As long as everything works out ok.

  6. aaaaaaaaaa said:

    Hentai Ouji BD is true 1080p also! It looks amazing! Rejoice for 1080p Azuki Azusa!

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