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Hey Guys,

Been a while since i last posted something, so I’m here with an update on everything.


Secondly I am joining Dual Duality/C.U.T.E. run by ‘The_Profileth’ . Over the past month or so, he’s been helping me with my encodes, especially the more recent release of Yamato. Now this does not mean Nubles is shutting down, far from it. In fact our releases will proceed as per usual, with higher quality encodes, and script than my usual releases. Some of the projects with only 1 volume released will be transferred over to The_Profileth’s group, to be completed there once they have caught up with their back log.

I will endeavor to catch up with current and past projects, while also properly batching completed projects.

Project Status


Gj-Bu @ re-encode for batch + waiting for evetaku’s batch scripts.

Ai No Kusabi OVA @ re-encode for batch + a few minor changes to the script

009 RE:CYBORG Movie @ re-encode + script needs to be QC’d

Single Volumes

Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo @ making 2 tracks for the release 1st is commie’s batch script, the 2nd is IB’s batch script.

Kuroko no Basket @ Only up to vol 2 on U2/ADC/Share, so for now i can only do up to vol 2, if you would be interested in donating towards the rest of the BDs, then make yourself known in the comments, and i may hold a donation drive to try and fund getting a hold of them, as Tenzinn is very eager to continue working on the series.

K-project @ I have up to volume 3 BDs, so I’ll try and get round to them soon.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha @ I will do my best to catch up with this one first as you guys keep asking me for it 😛

To Love-Ru Darkness @ probaly needs re-encoding so I’ll get round to that, but it’s not urgent.

Gundam Age @ stall. I have all the BDs but unfortunately no one i know wants to help with this series, so unless i can get an extra person to help me (49 episode show) It will be a very slow release schedule.

Code Breaker @ Only up to vol 2 on U2/ADC/Share, so i can only do up to vol 2 for now.

Guilty Crown @ stalled for now until i catch up with some other projects unless people want it.

Da Capo 3 @ re-encode for vol 1 + other volumes are going to be worked on, so expect those in the near future.

Zettai Karen Children THE UNLIMITED – Hyoubu Kyousuke @ Only vol 1 on U2/ADC/Share, so again until they appear online, it’s stalled.

Karneval @ re-encode for vol 1 others will be released in due course

Amnesia @ encoding vol 2, hybrid is very eager to get these out so they will probably be released quite regularly.

Senran Kagura @ vol 2 encoding.

Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You @ vol 2 is kind of ready for release (Has been for months) probaly will pick up cuties after I’ve finished this.

Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun @ I need to buy vol2 still as i bought vol 1 because they are not on U2/ADC/Share, so at the moment unless people donate you’ll have to wait until i have the funds because atm i am buying K-projects BDs, Gargantia BDs and Henneko BDs.

I am looking to recruit an extra encoder or two, to try and quicken the pace of releasing BDs, you don’t need any knowledge, just a moderately powerful computer, if you’re interested post in the comments.

Next season, i shall be speedsubbing a show, more info on that in the near future.

EDIT – I’ve been meaning to get a new banner for the site, if anyone knows how to make them, and wouldn’t mind making the site one, I’d appreciate it. :3

  1. nksx said:

    Hoping for good news on Gundam AGE…

  2. I might be interested in helping encode.

    CPU: i7 @ 3.5Ghz (Sandy)
    Ram: 8GB 1600mhz DDR3 (looking for 16GB 2133mhz at a good price)
    GPU: Nvidia Geforce 780GTX (if you use GPU acceleration)

    I also have about 2TB of free space. I’ve been thinking of ripping my personal bluray collection to build up a digital library, but I haven’t delved to far into encoding.

    • nubles said:

      Heya, if you can get on IRC and join #nubles we can talk more?

  3. knightwarhawk said:

    if you need help encoding I’m willing to help tho I have never encoded before

    • nubles said:

      Heya, if you can get on IRC and join #nubles we can talk more?

      • knightwarhawk said:

        I’m on as warhawk hit me up whenever 🙂

  4. Aria said:

    what about Hakkenden ?

    • nubles said:

      @Aria I’ve updated the post

      Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun @ I need to buy vol2 still as i bought vol 1 because they are not on U2/ADC/Share, so at the moment unless people donate you’ll have to wait until i have the funds because atm i am buying K-projects BDs, Gargantia BDs and Henneko BDs.

  5. ben said:

    Thanks for the update.

    cyborg 009 pls!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nubles said:

      Soon, but i need to get Yamato 1080ps out first.

  6. Nuggets said:

    What about Hayate?

    • nubles said:

      @Nuggets Updated the post

      Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You @ vol 2 is kind of ready for release (Has been for months) probaly will pick up cuties after I’ve finished this.

  7. orb said:

    Maybe this goes without saying (hopefully it does for anyone wondering about it and contacting you), but an encoder of course also needs a decent Internet connection to grab huge raws and upload encodes.

    By the way, I’m not sure how excited you are about re-encoding GJ-bu and doing stuff that other groups are doing, but you’re not the only one waiting on EveTaku GJ-bu batch scripts for BD releases. For any other show where you’re using the same subs as someone else and if their encode is fine, I’d (politely) suggest dropping. I’m really not so sure about 4:4:4 shenanigans or whatever else for 4:2:0 source material. Not to be a downer, but it looks like you’ve got a lot on your plate already!

  8. knightwarhawk said:


  9. knightwarhawk said:

    here’s a somewhat decent banner for ya :

  10. knightwarhawk said:

    hrm can’t post images here i guess .. so hes a direct link for ya banner inc!

    • nubles said:

      Heya, thank you for the banner, but could you make it 945×150 ty 🙂

  11. Momos said:

    :O Big backlog there, glad to see you’re working hard to bring us quality releases and even re-encode some of them.
    Hope someone can donate for KnB BDs since there’s no BD release of it other than your release.

    Hope you can finish these backlog and add more to it :P. Keep up the good work and best of luck! 🙂

  12. Dutchguy said:

    I’ll gladly encode the 1080p version of ep 20 and 21 from Yamato. I’ve been waiting for over a month since the 720p version you released. I’d gladly put in some time myself if it meant not having to download inferior versions. Not to be a dick towards you or anything, because I know how time consuming this stuff can be, but it’s really taking too long for me.

  13. Solo said:

    What happes actually with Senyuu? It was really hard to get it by torrent, same as Asura since almost nobody was seeding and if then nobody with 100% of it. However, I am really curious if you will finish it since you have quite many goals for yourself. Isn’t that too much?


    • nubles said:

      Forgot about Senyuu lol 😛 I will complete that, so don’t worry. I’ve had a positive response from my request for help encoding wise, so i don’t think it will be to much of a problem.

      Thanks for your support


      • “I will complete that”

        Thanks you very much for this good news! I really like Senyuu. so I was hoping to see it finished. Will you do the first and second OVAs as well?

      • nubles said:

        Yes i can get the 2 OVAs tled, tsing may take a bit of time, as my tser is busy atm.

  14. Tru said:

    Hey ya, I’d like to offer my services if I may. Particularly with Ai no Kusabi I would be interested in helping with. It’s only 4 ovas and I have a HUGE soft spot for that whole series. ^^;;

    I can also edit sub scripts and create/dissect mkvs; if you need any help with that stuff to speed things up.

    I don’t have any encoding BDs experience, but if you give me some pointers I can run with it. I’ve encoded DVDs and made mkvs from those. Don’t know how much of a difference there is. I can’t connect to IRC or rather I have attempted to do so following several different tutorials and have failed every single time. I don’t know what I do wrong, but I follow every step.

    My comp specs are:
    Processor: 2.93 GHz i7
    Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB
    Ram: 16 GB
    OS: Lion 10.7.5

    I do a lot of media and graphic heavy work so I maxed my computer out at the time I got it. If you’re interested just let me know! XD

    • nubles said:

      Heya, if you could give me an email i can contact you via, that would be great, and we could discuss it further.

      • Tru said:

        truanimatefan [at]

        My computer broke down and went into the shop just before I got your reply (of all the rotten luck), but I should have it back and working perfectly in 5-7 days. Right now I’m borrowing my sister’s junky laptop. If 5-7 days is ok then feel free to email me with any information and I can be ready for when it comes back to me.

        Sorry for my lousy luck. ==;;

  15. only looking forward to 「K」, but dam… gl with finishing these.

  16. GoZer said:

    If your new fansubbing group is going do do the releases, what is the URL of his site?

    • nubles said:

      All the releases will be on this site under the nubles tag, or if a join it will be nubles-othergroup.

  17. kz said:

    Thanks for not dropping anything 🙂

  18. matthew said:

    where do i throw my money at for kuroko no basket blu ray

    • nubles said:

      Well if you are willing to contribute towards the kuroko BDs for vol 3 and onwards, then please click here and click on the paypal donate button, once i have enough funds for vol 3 i shall buy it, and so on with the rest of the volumes.

  19. DeathTheKid said:

    With K will you be using official subs or a fansub?

    • nubles said:

      Fansub’s edited with official subs.

  20. ilikeit said:

    Why do you need to buy K-Project BD while the RAWs are already available??

    • nubles said:

      The raw’s you are referring to are share raw’s, already encoded from the BD, and shit quality. I am buying K-project BDs for the BDMV (the raw file for encoding and scans) no one uses share raws because they are shit, and the only BDMV online is vol 1, i have up to vol 3 currently.

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