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Hey Guys,

Been a while since i last posted something, so I’m here with an update on everything.


Secondly I am joining Dual Duality/C.U.T.E. run by ‘The_Profileth’ . Over the past month or so, he’s been helping me with my encodes, especially the more recent release of Yamato. Now this does not mean Nubles is shutting down, far from it. In fact our releases will proceed as per usual, with higher quality encodes, and script than my usual releases. Some of the projects with only 1 volume released will be transferred over to The_Profileth’s group, to be completed there once they have caught up with their back log.

I will endeavor to catch up with current and past projects, while also properly batching completed projects.

Project Status


Gj-Bu @ re-encode for batch + waiting for evetaku’s batch scripts.

Ai No Kusabi OVA @ re-encode for batch + a few minor changes to the script

009 RE:CYBORG Movie @ re-encode + script needs to be QC’d

Single Volumes

Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo @ making 2 tracks for the release 1st is commie’s batch script, the 2nd is IB’s batch script.

Kuroko no Basket @ Only up to vol 2 on U2/ADC/Share, so for now i can only do up to vol 2, if you would be interested in donating towards the rest of the BDs, then make yourself known in the comments, and i may hold a donation drive to try and fund getting a hold of them, as Tenzinn is very eager to continue working on the series.

K-project @ I have up to volume 3 BDs, so I’ll try and get round to them soon.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha @ I will do my best to catch up with this one first as you guys keep asking me for it 😛

To Love-Ru Darkness @ probaly needs re-encoding so I’ll get round to that, but it’s not urgent.

Gundam Age @ stall. I have all the BDs but unfortunately no one i know wants to help with this series, so unless i can get an extra person to help me (49 episode show) It will be a very slow release schedule.

Code Breaker @ Only up to vol 2 on U2/ADC/Share, so i can only do up to vol 2 for now.

Guilty Crown @ stalled for now until i catch up with some other projects unless people want it.

Da Capo 3 @ re-encode for vol 1 + other volumes are going to be worked on, so expect those in the near future.

Zettai Karen Children THE UNLIMITED – Hyoubu Kyousuke @ Only vol 1 on U2/ADC/Share, so again until they appear online, it’s stalled.

Karneval @ re-encode for vol 1 others will be released in due course

Amnesia @ encoding vol 2, hybrid is very eager to get these out so they will probably be released quite regularly.

Senran Kagura @ vol 2 encoding.

Hayate no Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You @ vol 2 is kind of ready for release (Has been for months) probaly will pick up cuties after I’ve finished this.

Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun @ I need to buy vol2 still as i bought vol 1 because they are not on U2/ADC/Share, so at the moment unless people donate you’ll have to wait until i have the funds because atm i am buying K-projects BDs, Gargantia BDs and Henneko BDs.

I am looking to recruit an extra encoder or two, to try and quicken the pace of releasing BDs, you don’t need any knowledge, just a moderately powerful computer, if you’re interested post in the comments.

Next season, i shall be speedsubbing a show, more info on that in the near future.

EDIT – I’ve been meaning to get a new banner for the site, if anyone knows how to make them, and wouldn’t mind making the site one, I’d appreciate it. :3


[Nubles] Kimi no Iru Machi episode 6 [720p 8bit AAC]

Was bored felt like doing this, would’ve of been out hours earlier, but didn’t decide to do it until a few hours ago.

Ts encode released, fixed one typo wierd > weird.

[Nubles] Kimi no Iru Machi episode 6 [720p 10bit AAC] – Torrent | XDCC | DDL

[Nubles] Kimi no Iru Machi episode 6 [720p 8bit AAC] – Torrent | XDCC | DDL