Kuroko no Basuke Volume 2


Here’s the second volume, took a bit of time as Tenzinn was the main driving force behind this release, so thanks to him for all his work. Unfortunately there are no more BDMVS for volume 3 onwards, so until they turn up i can’t continue with this project, you’re welcome to donate towards the costs of the kuroko BDs, or if you have them yourself, I’d appreciate if you’d share them.

This release uses CR subs Modified and Official Lyrics + Original TS’ing


Kuroko no Basuke Volume 2 [BD 1080p 10bit FLAC] – Torrent | XDCC | DDL

Kuroko no Basuke Volume 2 [BD 720p 10bit AAC] – Torrent | XDCC | DDL


  1. aoishuuruyul said:

    Thank you very much for the second volume, I was waiting for it and its special!

  2. peebs said:

    Thank you so much! You guys are totes awesome for doing this.

  3. Adel said:

    No more BD from vol 3 onwards? So is the series dropped or are you waiting for the other realeases as all the bd volumes have been release in japan since a year ago.

    • nubles said:

      I’m waiting for Volume 3 onwards to appear on share/U2/AsianDVDClub/nyaa etc. unfortunately only volume 1 and 2 have been uploaded, so until i get Vol.3 onwards i can’t carry on with the series, so for now it’s postponed. That’s why i am appealing to people to either donate towards the BDs, or if they have them to share, otherwise for now I’m stuck.

  4. lol said:

    just asking,when will volume 3 release?Thanks for you hardwork! ^^

    • nubles said:

      There is no volume 3 available anywhere at the moment, so unfortunately till i get a source or am able to finance it myself, or if someone has it who can share it, or if people donate so i can buy it. Until one of those things happen, kuroko is stalled as no more volume other than first 2 are available.

      • GunZ BunZ said:

        Any news for next BD’s?
        And can you guys seed Vol. 1 ? only 159mb is remaining and am stuck.
        there are no seeders as i can see from trackers.

    • nubles said:

      They aren’t BDMVs, only share raws.

      • JJ said:

        Oh i see, so you need BDMVs.. Can’t find anywhere 😦

  5. Goku1085 said:

    I love all of your releases Nubles!!! I think they are amazing!!! Especially Kuroko no Basuke, K and Mondaiji!! Those are my most favorite and I wish that you can complete all of them (with specials and OVAs). I wanted to inform you that I’ve recently found a site that has BDMVs available for multiple series. Care to take a look?


    and on Nyaa:


    On their site they have all their series, but on Nyaa only selectable ones. Hope I helped. Please tell me how it goes and thank you very much for your time again!!! 🙂

  6. Goku1085 said:

    Also, I wanted to ask. Are all of the Kuroko no Basuke BDs released? That’s my favorite one and I hope you can finish it if possible.!! 😉

    • nubles said:

      Only volume 1 and 2 BDMVs are available, so until the rest are available it’s stalled.


      • Goku1085 said:

        I see! So sorry to trouble you again, but the thing is I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is aware of many sites and updates on BDs on different anime series and in all truly he too stated that ADC seems to only have volumes 1 & 2 (eps 1-5) of Kuroko`s Basketball. But he also told me this:

        ” Because their source is U2 (which no one ever credits) and they only have volumes 1 and 2. They were uploaded a year and 2 months ago now, so your chances of getting the complete set from torrents are slim.

        There is, however, a proper BD rip from Share on U2, so you might be able to find the BD’s on Share.”

        Does this help at all?? I hate doing this, but could you please take a look at Share and see if he’s right? Thanks again for your time!! 🙂

      • nubles said:

        I have access to all those sites, and U2 has rips like nyaa, but they are shitty share raws, not worth doing a BD release with them as the quality is sub par.

  7. JC said:

    no updates til now? 🙂

  8. Nublets said:


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