Senyuu Volume 1

Senyuu vol 1 release pic

So although this series isn’t the most popular, i found it’s comedy quite enjoyable; picked it up and here we are. An OVA was included in the BD it’s only 2minutes, but i couldn’t find a translator; so until i find a translator for the OVA, it’s postponed till the batch. If anyone would like to TL it you can contact me on IRC

This release uses Commie’s subs.

Senyuu Volume 1 (BD 1080p 10bit FLAC) –

Senyuu Volume 1 (BD 720p 10bit AAC) –

If you need to contact me join my IRC channel –

P.S. Thanks to Tenzinn for helping me out on this release 😀

  1. wow4tr5 said:

    Good job,thanx for the ova.Please include bd menu&scan,if you have it.
    Can you translate Fuse Teppo Musume no Torimonocho,coz none has been sub it !

  2. miracles said:

    Commie subs usually do not use the honorific.

    Are you there to add honorific?

    Thank you

    • I’d be more worried about Shirt making the CR subs worse than the lack of honorifics, to be honest.

      • And also: 511MB for a six minute show? You might want to consider using ordered chapters since that is a bit excessive. 😉
        Episode one has no chapter for Part B, by the way – instead the ED chapter starts way earlier than it should.

      • nubles said:

        The only reason episode 1 has such a large file size is because it has an opening; which is quite a bitrate whore, also i hate ordered chapters, i will never use them 😛

        I asked a friend of mine to do the chapters, so I’ll fix it for batch, thanks for letting me know.

      • Not a fan of them either, but when you have a quarter of the filesize taken up by the ED, personal dislikes should take a second seat to practicality.

        And I still maintain that CR’s original subs were better before Commie’s “editor” mucked them up. It’s not even a secret that Shirt is at best useless, at worse detrimental, so I have no idea why Commie keeps him around, but that rant should probably go onto another blog. 😉

      • nubles said:

        I will never use ordered chapters 😛

        And main reason i used Commie’s was because of the ts’ing, CR can’t ts for their lives.

      • As someone who has used ordered chapters for two projects (Jormungand and Campione), I can safely tell you… DON’T USE THEM! EVER!!!! 😀

      • nubles said:

        Now i will never use them 😛

        Thanks DmonHiro 😀

      • Yeah, I suspected you got them for the TS, but after a side-by-side comparison of CR vs. Commie, I’m convinced the dialog part of Commie’s is best avoided.
        Oh well, not like I can’t mux them in myself.

    • Did I mention scene-by-scene encoding for the first episode because it mixes images like this: [url=][img][/img][/url]
      with this: [url=][img][/img][/url]

  3. Aoi said:

    Thank you very much for this BD!

    You always do BDs of series I like, I’m very glad.

    • nubles said:

      As always, i appreciate your kind words and support 🙂

      Thank you


      • Tenzinn said:

        b-b-but y-you’re b-baka :/

  4. Sanji said:

    Hello! Will you be doing BD of 2nd volume? Thanks!

  5. Solo said:

    No seeders? 😦

    • I will be seeding slowly but I’m constant so download at your heart’s content!

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