Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Volume 2

mao release pic vol 2

Ok so I’ll be doing 3 releases for Maouyuu, 720p hi444pp, 720p 10bit and 1080p 10bit

Please tell me what you think, and if you want any other series done in Hi444pp, i will have a look and see if it is worth it.

This release uses FFF subs.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Volume 2 (BD 1080p 10bit FLAC) –

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Volume 2 (BD 720p 10bit AAC) –

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Volume 2 (BD 720p Hi444pp AAC) –

  1. pete said:

    wrong category , you put the torrent in Anime Music section ,)

    • nubles said:

      I seem to do that a lot :S lol, usually realize 😛

      Appreciate the heads up 🙂

  2. shel said:

    hikaru no go ?

    • nubles said:

      Postponed for now, i already have a lot of projects going on atm. Once my work loads eases or someone helps me with releases, Hikaru will be resumed.

  3. tacezaeczaczea said:

    Thank you, you rocks!
    I don’t think 720p 10 bit is necessary, I think you should concentrate on one version in 720p, people doesn’t care version I think because it is in MKV, ppl complain when there is no MP4 lOl
    sorry for bad grammar etc need sleeeep
    Thx again.

    • ksjadhflskjad said:

      It might be an idea to think of target devices instead of target formats. All Hi10p and Hi444p encodes target the same device: a PC doing software decoding. All 720p encodes target a device attached to an 720 screen, all 1080p encodes target a device attached to 1080 screen.

      That in mind, a 720 Hi10p and a 720 Hi444p encode both target the exact same device: a PC doing software decoding connected to a 720 screen. They’re redundant. There’s no benefit whatsoever to the Hi10p encode: it’s not playable on any additional devices, and its compression is poorer.

      If you’re interested in a “compatibility” release, a better target would be High Profile, Level 4.1, which would be playable on a variety of phones, tablets, consoles, and laptops. And if you’re not, then I guess you’re not.

      • nubles said:

        Thank you for your feedback, i appreciate you taking your time to write such a detailed response 🙂

        My main aim is to give PC users the best quality possible, and for that i need opinions and feedback from them.

        Thank you,


      • Technically, the two 720p versions are not redundant. The 444p does have better colors, I know, it’s marginal, IMO, but it IS different. It also has much higher CPU req. As I see it, the 444p is the highest quality, but many may not be able to play it. I think it has the same req as the 10bit 1080p, but I’ll have to check. Also, keep in mind, Nubles is encoding for the PC, not for anything else.

  4. 1xx7 said:

    Whens the next Gundam AGE? q__q

    • nubles said:

      That’s in the process of encoding, but i also have lots of projects i am working on, but i promise it will be released in a timely manner. I encode lots of things every day, Episode 3 and 4 are encoded, 5 and 6 need doing, and then it’s just a case of modifying the subtitles.

  5. Prank said:

    Waiting 10 bit 720p, thank you 😀

  6. miracles said:

    I think you should continue hi444pp encoding format, because quality is everything.

  7. FlameHaze said:

    Thanks for your hard work! Please continue to release 10bit 720p for your projects. I could care less about having the highest quality possible at the expense of higher cpu strain.

  8. tirthasg said:

    Any update on Maoyu Mao Yushaa vol 3?

    • nubles said:

      Probably be out next week, been very busy with College this week, next week I’m off so i can get it done then.

      • tirthasg said:

        Take your time! 🙂

  9. tirthasg said:

    When are you going to release the 3rd volume?

    • nubles said:

      Been quite busy recently, but i should be able to get round to it soon. Probaly be a duel release with volume 4.

  10. HaxedFTW said:

    is maou yuusha coming soon?

  11. tirthasg said:

    Its been ages since the last volume was released!

  12. Gekkouhen said:

    I have hope that more volumes of Maou will be released soon. Keep up the good work.

  13. shreyanzh said:

    Can you do the 1080p versions in hi144p too?

  14. Gekkouhen said:

    Any progress on the rest of the episodes?

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