Kuroko no Basuke Volume 1

Kuroko Vol 1 release pic

So, had this for a while, finally got around to doing it, with thanks to Tenzinn, this release wouldn’t be possible without him. He TS’d all the episodes, retimed all the subs, I ❤ him (no homo :P). As always any errors, or improvements leave a comment and I’ll get back to you, if you want to request something just comment on the project page or here.

This release uses CR subs Modified and Official Lyrics + Original TS’ing

Kuroko no Basuke Volume 1 (BD 1080p FLAC) – http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=view&tid=432246

Kuroko no Basuke Volume 1 (BD 720p AAC) – http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=view&tid=432245

P.S. Guess what arrived in the post today… Gj Bu Vol.3! Pure wants to make this a quicker release, less stalling lol, so we estimate it to be released around Wednesday, possibly earlier.

  1. zetosubs said:

    Thanks, I really wanted to see this anime

  2. Patch said:

    fucking love u for this

  3. ChRNo said:

    Bro, damn… thanks for this. Never see this coming.

  4. Minacchi said:

    OMG! Thank you so much!

  5. Sykes said:

    I never thought anyone would release this amazing show on Bluray. 10-bit, and the subtitles look great. Thank you very much!

  6. e__ said:

    I can never thank you enough for doing this series! I’m looking forward to download the next volumes as well!

  7. Aoi said:

    Thank you very much for this series!

  8. OMG please marry me? Almost everything that you’re working on is my favorite and I cannot thank you enough. Thanks!

    • nubles said:

      Sorry I’m 2d only. LOL 😛 Well i only work on what i like 😛 seems we have similar taste, anyway hope you enjoy my releases.

      Thanks for your support 🙂


  9. Thanks brah!
    Been looking for BDs of this for a while now
    Do you plan on doing the whole series or is this just a one-off thing?
    Hoping for full series >__<

  10. Black-Knight said:

    Thank U it was magnificent

    But when will you upload the rest of the series

  11. mohammed said:

    When claimed complemented ?
    i waiting

  12. More or less late thanks, looking forward to the rest!

  13. peebs said:

    Thank you so much for picking this up.

  14. apple said:

    God bless you guys! Thanks a lot for this!

    I’m sorry for asking it here, but can you please seed it at nyaa a bit more?
    I’m stuck at 97% at the 720p file… I’ll seed it for other as soon as my dl finishes! Thanks again! ♥

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