Gj-Bu Volume 2

gj Bu Vol 2 release pic

Here’s Volume 2!

This uses Evetaku subs, in my opinion the best of all the releases (mainly because of their name choice :P)

Thanks to purefmwc, love him (no homo). This release wouldn’t be possible without him, he shifted all the TS and subs, and other things 😛

Gj-Bu 1080p FLAC Volume 2 – http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=view&tid=425892

Gj-Bu 720p AAC Volume 2 – http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=view&tid=425891

Don’t forgot to visit purefmwc’s blog fantastiic.net

  1. xm193 said:

    Thanks for doing the GJ-bu BDs in a timely manner. Glad to know this series won’t go forgotten.

    • nubles said:

      Thanks for your support 🙂

      Already got Vol.3 on pre-order.


      • Superman said:

        Hey, Nubles mind if I ask you, where did you get your copy of blurays? At Amazon or something?

      • nubles said:

        I buy mine off CDJapan or amazon.co.jp, depends which is cheapest or has the best bonuses 😛

      • Superman said:

        I see, thanks for the awesome reply! and keep up the good work. Best of luck! 😀

    • imercenary said:

      Goddamn that gif is fucking adorable!

  2. jakeman95 said:

    Glad someone who is doing these BDs has some common sense to use a real groups subs! xD Thx!

  3. cautr said:

    hm, it’s really hard to get my hands on the first volume, due to low seedpotential, same applies to the hayate BD. I skimmed through the second volume and I must say, that it’s well done as far as my knowledge goes. Hopefully you’ll finish the series! Keep it up!

  4. Lord of Fire said:

    Error in episode 4. At 00;30, the subs say “to have and hold from this da forward, for better or for worse,” This should obviously be “to have and hold from this day forward, for better or for worse,” (da -> day)

    I’ll check episodes 5 and 6 later.

  5. Mak said:

    Seeds please…. or direct download

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