Gj-Bu Volume 1

Gj Bu Volume1Well i decided to do it, cause i like it 😛

This uses Evetaku subs, in my opinion the best of all the releases (mainly because of their name choice :P)

Thanks to purefmwc, love him (no homo). This release wouldn’t be possible without him, he shifted all the TS and subs, and other things 😛

Gj-Bu 1080p FLAC Volume1 – http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=414920

Gj-Bu 720p AAC Volume 1 – http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=414943

Don’t forgot to visit purefmwc’s blog fantastiic.net

  1. Lord of Fire said:

    I noticed an error or two in the subs for episode 1.

    When the girls give Kyoya his nickname, the subs keep saying ‘Kyolo’ when they’re actually saying ‘Kyoya’.

    The lines in question are at 19:34 and 20:19.

  2. Lord of Fire said:

    Oh, and at 19:31

  3. nubles said:

    I appreciate you letting me know, it has been noted down, and i will fix for the batch. Also a patch will be released.

  4. Hijiri said:

    4:40, “高い高いは、だめなんだ!”, “高い高い” means the play of lifting a baby up high. Probably can be translated as “Just don’t lift me up like that!”

  5. Hijiri said:

    Also in episode 1, 16:17
    Kirara is saying: “One Kirara, not three.” Because she hears the honorific “さん” as the homophone “三(three)”.

    • nubles said:

      These are evetaku’s subs, but i will look into what you’ve said and may be changed for batch.

  6. Mack said:

    Please, direct download

      • Mack said:

        Yeah, I want to download GJ-BU BD but there isn’t seeders….

  7. Mack said:

    At less, seed pleas

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