Space Battleship Yamato Volume 4 UPDATE!

9th March UPDATE – Episodes 11 and 12 are both encoded in 720p (both 8 bit and 10bit) just need to go through the scripts, and once i am content i shall release.

8th March UPDATE – I’ve got the Yamato Blu Ray Volume 4 , and will start working on it ASAP. 720p 8 bit and 10 bit will be the first to be released, 480p and 1080p will come a little later.

Quite a few of you guys have been asking for an eta, or when it will be done. At this moment in time i haven’t even got the blu ray yet. When it becomes available, hopefully within the next few days, I can then get to work on it. So for now keep an eye out on this post, as i will update it accordingly when i get a hold of the BDMV.

Thanks for your support as well as your patience.


P.S. After i release Volume 4, I shall start working on ‘Archivable’  re-releases of each Volume, this will include fresh encodes, with filtering etc (file sizes will be higher) also modified scripts getting rid of any typos, non-capitalized letters, and if there are any missing lines and any other things i come across, or i have been notified of (If you have a suggestion or an error to report just post it as a comment and i shall take a look at it). Volume 4 will include Kara for the Opening, i shall also implement that for the re-release, for the endings… that’s a different matter, i require someone to translate them, so unless anybody reading this can offer their help in terms of translating the endings (which is doubtful) i shall have to continue to ask around. I shall also release the extras on each disc, these include cast interviews, mini documentaries, a concert or two and a few random commercials 😛

  1. Mew said:

    Good to know! Thanks for the update!

  2. Nivola said:

    Excellent! Thank you!

  3. I believe Volume 4 is already out and available for order on amazon, if you haven’t ordered it yet. If you’ve already ordered it, I hope you get it soon.

  4. yo said:

    Thank you for the update! I look forward to your continued work!

  5. skyjedi said:

    Will there also be an 8bit 480P release like the 1-10 batch, but 11-14?

    • nubles said:

      Yes, all the resolutions i have released before will be used for Volume 4 as well. These include 480p (8bit), 720p (8bit), 720p (10bit), 1080p (10bit).

  6. mahmud said:

    So…”Next few days”…

    • nubles said:

      ‘hopefully within the next few days’ I can’t do anything until i get a hold of the Blu ray, so please be patient. Like i said i will update this post accordingly to the status of Volume 4.

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