Ai No Kusabi Petere OVA 1

^ The car looks cool, what can i say? 😛 ^

This was only done as a few people requested it, there are a total of 4 OVAs, these will come in the following weeks as a small side project while i wait for K Blu rays and Space Battleship Yamato Volume 4. This is Shounen-Ai so be warned lol.

Any suggestions, such as font choice for the next episode, please leave feedback in the comments section, thank you.

Ai No Kusabi Petere OVA 1

720p 8bit –

720p 10bit –

  1. Kaisa said:

    Thank you so much for doing this!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  2. louren said:

    Really, thank you so much for the hard work! I love Ai no Kusabi with a passion, and I think you did a good job subbing the OVA! I’m truly grateful.

    (I would love you to do the OVA Vassalord in mkv format “LOL”)

    Thanks for the subs 😀

    • nubles said:

      If i can get a hold of the DVD ISO, sure I’ll get it done. It was actually a planned project, but the DVD sold out to quickly for me to purchase a copy, and no DVD ISO has turned up just yet. When one does, I’ll be sure to do it.

      Thanks for your support


  3. Osyrum said:

    can you reupload all OVAS?

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