Cyberpunk 2077 trailer

  1. FuktLogik said:

    Any progress on that 1080p mini batch for Yamato 2199? The one with the reencoded ep 4?

    • nubles said:

      Instead of doing a mini batch for the 1080p releases, I released each episode individually; for a quicker release. Episode 4 1080p doesn’t have the problem with the encode, but you have reminded me to re-encode episode 4 720p to get rid of the little error.

      When Volume 4 is released, and i’ve released all of the episodes included, I shall do a half batch with revised scripts and fresh encodes for a couple of episodes. If i’ve missed anything out don’t hesitate to tell me.


      • FuktLogik said:

        Will do. And thanks for the releases.

        With any luck this show will be well received and they will do something new with Herlock after this.

  2. Matt_D said:

    I come here for Yamato news and see this, and this is the most exciting thing I have seen all year, shame it’s years off.

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