Space Battleship Yamato episode 10 (1080p FLAC) and Volume 4 (episodes 11-14) Trailer


Episode 10 –

Volume 4 (episodes 11-14) Trailer –

Edit: I know New Year was 18 Days ago but i liked the pic ;P

  1. Kongo said:

    Thank you very much!

  2. Mew said:

    Any good news on Volume 4 sir?

    • nubles said:

      Volume 4 won’t be release until the 22nd of February, so 22 more days to go until it’s released.

      • Thanks for doing these, your releases are way better than just the raw rips and all that mess with awkward and missing titles for their subtitles :/

        Will you still be doing these even when the tv airing comes in spring (though I guess tv would finish way after the last set has even released?)

  3. nubles said:

    Thanks for your support 🙂

    The TV airings i am unsure about, as the Blu rays will already be up to episode 18 by the time they start airing so we’ll have to see.


  4. Chris Wallace said:

    I wish to echo those who extend their appreciation for the excellent work you perform in releasing this awesome series.

  5. Nivola said:

    any update on Vol 4?

    • nubles said:

      was only released yesterday, takes time to get it.

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